Auto Immune Diseases
Auto Immune Diseases (AI Diseases) represent an extensive and diverse spectrum of about 100 illnesses and is among the 10 leading causes of death in women up to the age of 65 yrs, reducing the life span by about 5-8 years.
What are :
  • The Triggers : Low Current : On-switches
  • The Spontaneous Remissions : Off-switches
  • The Flare-Ups High Current : On-switches
are still mysteries to everybody till now.

DMARDS and Biologics

Medications or Biologics can drive the body complex biological mechanisms into the Off-switch position or else it is a self perpetuating biological machinery with unpredictable - in time, in duration and in intensity - flare ups.
After symptomatic treatments with Conventional Pharmalogical Agents (CPAs) which proved to be mostly inefficient, physicians have switched on to DMARDs Theraphies with quite good results but however, DMARDs have not proved to be the solution for many AI Diseases Patients.

For the past 15 years, tremendous research works have been undertaken to promote Biologics as the ultimate solution to AI Diseases Patients who do not respond satisfactorily to DMARDs. However, up till now Biologics have not proved to be a reasonably safe option for DMARDs-resistant Patients.
Moreover, their prohibitive prices will prevent their common use in developing countries. Further extensive research with huge fundings are in progress world wide with aim at resolving the two above issues.



Autoimmune Diseases being a group of mysterious , elusive (fortunately not completely) diseases presently represents to everybody involved : Researchers, Doctors, Nurses etc , one of the most formidable challenges in medecine...

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