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I am a Medical Research Worker who has already invented the ECHO Machine. I have also taken a particular deep interest in Bronchial Asthma and some Auto Immune Diseases, starting with Psoriasis Mild form and Rhumatoid Arthritis for which I have formulated new Protocols of treatment to provoke within 5 days an improvement in the symptoms of these diseases and within 20 days an improvement of the functionality of joints and correction of deformity of up to 50% in Rheumatoid Arthritis.
However it must be understood that for Auto Immune Diseases :
(1) There is no permanent cure
(2) Remission can be spontaneous even without treatment
(3) Relapses will eventually happen at anytime later on
(4) My Protocols of Treatment will provoke a partial remission of symptoms and functionality (and deformity) within 5-10 days, rendering life of the Patients easier to live and also postpone for quite a long time the usual complications associated with these diseases.

To embark on such Protocols of Treatment (which for the time being I will have to keep secret by all means) is a very serious matter and I need to select patients, for a start, from their Medical History to have the maximum of good results and I need collaboration of patients towards this aim.

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Dr David Andrew Yeung
Pere Laval Day Care Centre
Ste Croix, Mauritius
Email : yeunglungs@gmail.com

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From : 9.30 am

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5th January 2016

Tel : (230) 217-1665
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Ideal Heart Lung Machine

Also known as ECHO. The Life Saving Machine.