Concerning Psoriasis, new theurapeutic possibilities have evolved with new Treatment Protocols with Biologics for those patients not responding to DMARDs.
However Researchers and Scientists have stressed a few shortcomings for Biologics : inefficient 1 out of 3 cases and occassionally some debilitating and at times fatal complications plus a minimun cost of 1200US dollar per patient per year making it an inaccessible possibility for developing countries.
For Psoriasis patients in developing countries, the Logical Treatment Protocol should have the following characteristics :

  • Affordably Cheap : $200 US per patient per year using, of course, Contemporary Medications
  • 100% Success Rate
  • Immediate onset of action : skin lesions starting to disappear within 1 day after initiation of the treatment
  • Within 10 days , maximum disappearance of the skin lesions would have been achieved leaving inevitably scar tissues or pigmentation
  • No serious side effects or complications consequent to the treatment
  • No relapse or flare up whilst patient is under treatment
  • Treatment Protocol in a discontinued mode i.e Treatment for 10 - 15 days and rest for 5 - 15 days

Autoimmune Diseases being a group of mysterious , elusive (fortunately not completely) diseases presently represents to everybody involved : Researchers, Doctors, Nurses etc , one of the most formidable challenges in medecine...

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